Day 1
March 26, 2020

So as we all know, our beloved gym had to close this week and while we are sad that we don’t get to see all of your smiling faces like we are used to, we are committed to staying in touch and keeping you well and healthy.

So a WARM welcome to you all for our first

Today, we offer you an upper body workout compliment of Lochie, plus a delicious recipe from our friend and naturopath Kirsty, plus a little Healthy Mind tip to help you find your calm amongst this panic.

Please enjoy and we would love to hear your feedback to tailor these emails to what you are wanting or needing during these times. Thank you to those who have already provided suggestions.



Seated Dip: Use a stable chair, edge of your couch, ledge or end of your bed, Place your hands near your bum, keep your legs straight, slide of the edge and bend your arms to 90 degrees then push up! Feel those triceps burn!

Incline Pushups: Again, Use the edge of something stable, hands shoulder width apart, and bend down and push up. Make sure to keep your torso straight.

Shoulder press: Now this exercise can use anything heavy. (Book, broome, water bottle, chair, cat?) Hold weight at your chest and push above your head.

Bent over rows: Grab a shopping bag and fill it up with weights, Bend over forward and pull the bag to your tummy then straight arms.

Tricep Extensions: Holding the same shopping bag above your head, straight arms, bend your arms and lower the bag behind your head.

Air Boxing: In both hands, hold a tin of food, punch left and right for 40 seconds.

Burpees: That’s right, we said burpees, off you go! 😜

We bet you feel pumped after that one! Drink plenty of water after this workout and tag a buddy for some competition!


Immune Boosting Soup

If you want to chat with Kirsty more about how she can help with your overall health & wellbeing, she will soon be opening online consultations. You can register your interest with her below.

Think well
Advice for staying calm during the panic

This lockdown has been a shock to everyone’s nervous system. We have been faced with a health crisis, a financial and economic crisis, and a social crisis. Our way of life has been stripped from us in an attempt to save our health. This brings up huge stress and anxiety about the unknown. 

Our tips for you to find your calm as you adapt to this change.


1. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling
We are all going through many emotions right now and are grieving a loss for our way of life we were so used to. We are scared of the uncertainty in our futures. This is massive and you are allowed to feel it all. Give yourself space to process these emotions guilt-free. 
2. Accept what you can’t change 
This is out of your control. Your world has been shaken up and tipped upside down. Gather up what you can and find a new normal for the time being. Accept that no-one knows what’s ahead just yet, and everyone else is in much the same position as you. Acceptance will bring you some peace. 
3. Breathe to calm your nervous system
This is the quickest way to calm down that building anxiety. 4 deep breaths. Breathe into the count of 4, breathe out for the count of 4. A total of 4 times. Use this tool as many times a day as you need, or as a regular morning ritual to start your day.
4. Seek out some playfulness in your day
You will be surprised how much better you will feel by being silly or playful.