Day 11
April 14, 2020



School holidays are here and with the advice to stay home, we thought it would be helpful to give plenty of ideas to not only keep the kids occupied but to help them move well, eat well and play well!




Tracy and Andrew are back for a special kids Yoga-Music combo that your children will love. 

You can follow Tracy on her Facebook page, Yoga with Tracy, to see more! 

yummmmmmmy pancakes

What child doesn’t like pancakes? It’s something simple they can be involved in with the cooking. You can create different shapes in the pan like Mickey mouse or a racing car. And they are delicious to eat. 

You can steer away from traditional pancakes if you like and try buckwheat pancakes like Donna Hays recipe here: 

Here are some healthier alternate pancake toppings to maple syrup and cream 

1. Almond butter and fresh raspberries or strawberries
2. Berries and honey with almond flakes or granola sprinkled on top 
3. Sliced kiwi fruit and passionfruit pulp
4. Greek yogurt and sliced mango or blueberries 
5. Banana, walnuts and honey 


Have fun with your creations and
send us some pics on our facebook page!



Think well
Fun with playdough

Playfulness and creativity keeps our bodies full with the happy hormone. Sharing activities with your children is good for both of you and is a beautiful recipe for good mental health. 

Try this homemade playdough together over the school holidays. Toddlers love playdough but so do the older kids! Trust me!!