Day 3
March 28, 2020

Good morning! We have started a private facebook group called Virtual Vitality. We recommend and invite you to join so we can all check in with each other while we’re not at the gym and can’t be together. It is a great place for us to motivate each other and share ideas.

Our workouts will be uploaded for you here everyday so you can tag your favourite gym buddy, make some new friends and support each other in your workouts!


3 Sets, 15 Reps

Split Squat: Use a chair for this exercise. Extend one leg backwards onto a chair. Squat down and back up again. Perform 15reps on each leg.

Jump Squats: Perform a normal squat, then on your “up” phase take a jump then squat back down again. Great exercise to increase heart rate!

Standing Calf Raises: Find a ledge or a step. Hang your heels off of the edge, stand on your tippy toes then come all the way down. Hold something heavy for the next level!

Walking Lunges: Find some space, outside or down a hall, take a large step and then lunge down.

Hip Thrusts: Lay on your back, feet near your bum (bent legs). Push up with your heels and squeeze your glutes. Put something heavy on your hips to make things harder!

Russian Twists: On a mat, raise your legs level with your hips and contract your core.

Russian Twists: Sitting down on a mat, grab some weight and twist your entire torso left to right. This is a great exercise to develop your ab lines.

Plank: Everyone knows how great this exercise is for your core! Just keep a straight posture 😉

What a great workout!

Let’s see how those legs and abs feel after this great sweat sesh!

💦 Tag your workout partner! 


Eating for health

In this time of uncertainty one thing we can take control of is what we place in our mouths.  With a lot of people self isolating, movement and exercise may be decreased so diet is so important. A healthy diet is important to strengthen the immune system and keep our nervous system under control. 

Decrease all sugar:  

Sugar has been shown to decrease the ability of white blood cells to function, decreasing the strength of the immune system. This includes soft drink, lollies, cakes, biscuits.

Drink plenty of water: 

2L per day of filtered water or herbal teas. The juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water each morning helps to alkalise the body and stimulate the function of the liver. Look for herbal teas that are calming like chamomile, licorice, lemon balm. These will help to maintain hydration as well as stress support.

Avoid too much alcohol: 

It can lead to a suppressed immune system, higher anxiety and poor sleep.

Avoid too much coffee: 

Coffee can affect your ability to sleep as well as being overstimulating if stress is quite high for you at the moment.

Eat fresh and whole foods: 

Fresh fruit and vegetables are available so eat them as much as possible to keep your nutrition and fibre up. Look at using the seeds left from your tomatoes, capsicums and pumpkins to grow your own foods,  the bottoms of spring onions and celery can be planted to get another life out of them

Support Local: 

Buy local to support the local farmers and so they have as much nutritional value as possible.

Boredom Eating: 

If you are at home all day be careful not to indulge in the junk foods and boredom eating.  Snack on nuts and seeds, carrot sticks, homemade protein balls.

Encourage Healthy Snacks: 

Make a container up with cut-up carrot sticks, celery, cucumber etc so the family has healthy snack foods. Dips using chickpeas, beetroot, nuts and seeds are nutritious and filling. Look at making your own healthy crackers without all the salt, MSG and artificial flavours.
Enjoy a Smoothie: 

Smoothies are great to use up squishy bananas and avocados that are not as great for eating. Adding some cocoa, some dates and almond milk to add some extra flavour makes a healthy milkshake for the kids. Adding in a probiotic capsule will increase gut health and immunity.

Become a Masterchef: 

Use the internet to look up some great new recipes that you have been wanting to try. Look for those that use tinned beans or dried beans that have been soaked that can bulk up meals such as bolognese or Sheppard’s pie where you may be limited in the mince you can acquire.
Make friends with Beans: 

Beans are high in protein, low in fat, high in fibre and contain energy-producing carbohydrates  Soaking beans – I usually have a variety of tinned beans in my pantry for all occasions but if they are limited (2 cans maximum) then buying dried beans and cooking them yourself is a great option. It also reduces the BPA from canned foods and any added sugar and salt that may be in some tinned beans.

If you want to chat with Kirsty more about how she can help with your overall health & wellbeing, she will soon be opening online consultations. You can register your interest with her below.

Think well

Calm is a great App for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. It includes sleep stories for adults and children, breathing programs, stretching exercises, guided meditation, and relaxation music.