Day 4
March 30, 2020

Our Virtual group fitness classes are up and running!

They are FREE for Vitality community. First LIVE workout starts today at 4pm.

You won’t want to miss it so let’s show you how to join!

Watch this short video if you are unfamiliar with Zoom 

1. Download the Zoom app on the device you will be using.
Phone, or iPad is suitable. Or if using a laptop you won’t need to do anything. 

2. 5-10mins before the class time simply click the meeting link found below

Topic: Virtual Vitality group fit class
Time: Mar 30, 2020 04:00 PM Adelaide

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 954 007 866


Join us for today’s LIVE workout. Or try this pre-recorded workout in your own time.


Alternating Pushups: Grab your pot, place one hand on the pot and one hand on the ground. Make sure your hands are still shoulder width apart. Complete a full push-up, then swap hands.

Jumping toe taps: Place the pot in the middle of your space, starting with one foot on top of the pot, jump and swap feet. Keep it continuous!

“Pot” swing: Treat this exercise as a kettlebell swing but with your pot. Add weight into your pot if needed.

Pot burpees!: Perform a normal burpee but hold on to your pot the entire exercise for some extra weight.

Sit-ups: Keeping your arms straight holding the pot, complete a normal sit-up. Just make sure to always keep your arms straight.

Chest press: Fill the pot up with some form of weight. Lay flat on a mat and hold both handles level with your chest. Push up then lower.

This workout is so simple yet so effective, all you need is a mat, some space, and a large pot with handles. To make the pot heavier you can place things inside like tins of food, batteries, rocks, or even sand.

Kirsty’s Veggie Patties

If you want to chat with Kirsty more about how she can help with your overall health & wellbeing, she will soon be opening online consultations. You can register your interest with her below.

Think well

Here is a great activity to try at home with the kids. Create shadows with toys and trace around the shadows.

Thanks for the fab idea @Simplemost