Day 7
April 2, 2020

Let’s start our day with a heart pumping workout by Denika, followed by a turmeric latte while chatting to a friend over FaceTime, then finishing it off with some meditation to calm our mind.


Knowing there’s a whole community who is doing this same workout as you is comforting.

We’re all in this together.


Today’s workout is a full cardio workout by Denika. This is one you can press play and follow along.


Full body cardio workout today! Don’t forget your towel and your water! We would love to see some Virtual Vitality videos of your workouts posted to our Group page! Let’s see how you are going team! 💪



Turmeric we know is an amazing spice that not only helps to decrease inflammation but is also important for gastrointestinal and mental health.

Used in cooking curries, added to juices or in this turmeric latte. It is an amazing way to use ‘food as medicine’.🏼


If you want to chat with Kirsty more about how she can help with your overall health & wellbeing, she will soon be opening online consultations. You can register your interest with her below.

Think well

These are some daily practices that can help us through these trying times. Our lives aren’t quite what they were a few weeks back but we can reset our routines and create a new normal to help us through.