Day 8
April 3, 2020

We have now completed our second week of gym closures around Australia. We mentioned at the start that we don’t know how long this will go on for, or what it looks like at the end.

But what we are expecting is this could be a long closure and at the end, we have no doubt will have a strong Vitality community who will be right there when we re-open again.

We aim to continue to be a powerful team offering high-quality service to you in an online presence. While we are offering advice and workouts to help you stay fit and healthy, we would GREATLY appreciate to hear from you all and feel some love in return!

After you have joined us on your next workout, shoot us a 5-star review on our Facebook page and on Google to help us with the health and strength of our business, share some photos and videos of you during or after your workout – so we know you are loving what we are doing during these difficult times.




Lochie’s All Out Body Workout in included here 👆

All Out Bodyweight 1 Set, 60 Secs, 3 Laps


all out bodyweight

1 Set, 60 Secs, 3 Laps

Figure 8: Set out two markers, Go toe to toe in a figure 8 shape. Stay on your toes!

Burpee Lateral Hope: Set a marker, do one burpee on one side, then jump over your marker and do another burpee!

High Knees: Sprinting on the spot, keep your knees up. Hold your hands near your hips for an aimed.

Super Squats: Perform a normal squat, then a jump squat.

Crawl outs, frog jump: Start by standing up, keeping your legs straight crawl out with your hands, then jump and meet both feet together.

Partial Mountian Climbers: Think of it as a frog jump, Jump both feet to meet your hands, then lift both hands off of the ground.

Leg Hold: Laying on your back, lift your legs straight up 6 inches off of the ground and hold! Great finisher for abs.

Stork Reach: Stand on one leg, bend down to touch your toe and kick your back leg back. This exercise will test your balance and develop bigger glutes.

Anyone can perform this workout! All that is required is some space and your body! Remember to use a towel and drink plenty of water during your workout! Do you have questions? Reach out to us 📲 💪🏼


Avo Mousse


Looking for a tasty and healthy sweet treat? Kirsty’s avo mousse comes highly recommended!

If you want to chat with Kirsty more about how she can help with your overall health & wellbeing, she will soon be opening online consultations. You can register your interest with her below.

Think well

Social isolating or social distancing should not equal emotional distancing.

There’s a strong link between social isolation and adverse health consequences found through a 2019 study led by Kassandra Alcaraz, PHD, MPH (a researcher with the American Cancer society).

People need people so reach out and talk to your friends. Join virtual fitness classes or make virtual coffee dates. Use all types of technology to connect with others.

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