Bored with your current workout? Not only does variety add spice to your life but it also keeps your body on its toes. But, how do you know when to do what? It might just be time to consult an expert, a Vitality expert and your new Personal Trainer.

If you’re unsure where to start or just not seeing results on your own don’t panic, we’re here to help. From injury rehab to peak conditioning guidance we cover all of your fitness bases and keep you motivated until you’re on the home run.

Vitality PTs challenge, supervise and provide support during your workouts, where you’ll learn how to use the right equipment correctly, not to mention forever-useful nutritional info.

Local trainer

Our Personal Trainers, are highly qualified and love helping our clients achieve the best results from their workouts and their bodies.


At the first meeting we assess your fitness level, discuss your health goals and then set up a personalised program of how to reach them.

We give you a reason to show up to each session, whether it’s cardio, weights, strength training or something completely tailored. Our experience tells us when we can push you past your comfort level and this usually results in progress, which we can track through measurements, skin folds and fitness testing.


Achieve your goals faster with a PT…maybe yours is optimum body fat loss, cardio fitness or even muscular strength and size. Perhaps you’re training for a sporting event and want help with competition prep. If you’re trying to get into the police force, we can help. If you want to play better netball, we can help. And if you have a special wedding coming up that you want to look simply fabulous for, we can help. And we want to.



YOU are the driver of YOUR health yet your PT is the best kind of navigator to have along for the ride.

If you’d like to learn more give us a call on (08) 8582 3434 and we can set up a meeting with your new Trainer who may well become the most motivating person in your life!

Start your healthy lifestyle today

At Vitality you automatically belong, everyone’s too busy trying
to get fit to worry about fitting in. Our positive environment is
all about giving your body a boost so you can walk out of a
session feeling fresh and ready to take on the world!