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The local gym for Riverland residents
looking for a friendly fitness centre.

Become a Better
and Healthier You


We’d describe our ‘Jim’ as being supportive, relaxed and sociable with a great sense of humour.

Now is the time to focus on your health and from the moment you walk into the Club it’s officially all about YOU.

Feel completely at home working out with us and enjoy knowing that none of our fitness areas have room for egos, ‘cause they’re jammed packed with equipment!

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$14.95/ month

4 Weeks for free


$18.50 /WEEK

Plus $50 joining fee

1 year membership


Plus $50 joining fee

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Start your healthy lifestyle today

At Vitality you automatically belong, everyone’s too busy trying
to get fit to worry about fitting in. Our positive environment is
all about giving your body a boost so you can walk out of a
session feeling fresh and ready to take on the world!